Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm such a slacker

I have been so slack about writing in here. Mind you I have been quite busy this week. On the go everyday until now. I started the new chemo drug this week. Number one side effect is flu like symptoms with aches in the muscles and joints. I certainly had that, but the weather was real crappy too, so who knows what it was from.....anyway, I feel better today. We're not doing anything special for Easter, the kids are too big to do anything with, they'll get the usual junk, but that's it. Mom and dad are coming up for brunch on Sunday, so I'm making a carrot cake today for dessert...mmmmmmm.....hopefully there will be some left for them.
I've sold quite a few cards at the store so far, I plan to get some more ready today and delivered just in case anyone needs some last minute Easter cards. Pictures to follow in a little while.

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