Sunday, June 26, 2011

I know I know I know

It's been 2 months since my last entry and the time has flown by. So since last entry I have had my 4th chemo treatment. They consistently give me the same side effects. I always have then on a Tuesday and the next day I am tired and my appetite starts to decrease, then by Friday I have the usual joint and muscle pains that last a few days with some queasiness. The next week I am usually drained  of all energy and take frequent naps. I usually have a few good days before turning around and doing it all over again. I still realize how good I have it compared to so many people. My chemo doesn't make me puke continuously or make me lose my hair, give me sores in my mouth or peel the skin off my hands and feet. There are so many others out there going through all of that. I am thankful I'm not one of them.

The community (Bonnie Croft organized) another benefit evening in my honour. They did a variety concert and dessert night that brought in more than $1000. Such a wonderful community I live in. Right now we are getting Brandon through graduation formalities. He took a longtime friend (Sam Daniels) to prom with him.
 This is them at the fire hall before they left.
Graduation ceremonies are Tuesday evening, we are all going to Pizza Delight for dinner together beforehand. He just recently started a new job with the Weed Man and he seems to like it and on Thursday he is moving into an apartment with his girlfriend. I think it will the best thing for him, he'll have a chance to be his own boss and learn the value of a dollar. It'll be a big eye-opener for him.

I've been wanting a patio set for years and I could never settle on one so on Friday evening Moyal made me go to Bridgewater and pick one out. We looked everywhere and the one we liked the most was at Zellers. We also bought  gazebo to put over it. It really looks nice. We had a dinner party with Kathy, Cory, Mike, Shelley, Cindy and Craig last night and we couldn't even use the patio set because it rained......go figure...... We had a great time though, it was the first time we'd all been together in a very long time. I made lasagna and fruit pizza for dessert.
This was the only picture I took all evening. It sure was yummy.
I did the Relay for Life a few Fridays ago. I raised about $300 through selling my cards at Stews and the Crop Annette I did at the Fire Hall. The relay was a good time, I will do it again, I just couldn't stay all night, it was so cold. I crawled into bed around 2am.
I did walk the track more than I thought I would, probably about 6 times.
I haven't been doing a lot of scrapbooking or card making except for my 2 clubs. One of them just finished and the other is taking a month off, so I will try to do a few classes here at the house during July and August until we start up again. I need to work on Brandon's album this summer, it was supposed to be his grad present and I know I won't have it done by Tuesday......yikes, like I said before - time sure flies.....

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