Sunday, April 3, 2011

Creative Block, April 3, 2011

I don't know where the time is going, here we are into April already. I've been struggling with doing a scrapbook layout and I think the only thing to do is to pack it up and put it away. It's been sitting out for days now with no progress. I need to focus on some other things right now. I am going to a crop for compassion in Chester Basin on Saturday, so I need to come up with a few things to have for classes. Thank God for Annette's help. After that I need to start making some cards. Stew is going to sell them for me to raise money for the Relay for Life in June and then Annette and I are going to do a Crop fund raiser at the firehall on May 7th. On top of that I have my regular club gathering that I need a 6x6 page layout for in a week and a new group starting this month as well. Creative block better go away soon, I also need a little ambition. I had lots yesterday. Got groceries in the morning, came home and after putting them away I scrubbed the bathrooms. Moyal put new doors on all the bedrooms, which made lots of mess. I swept and vacuumed all the bedrooms, cleaned Quinten's room and then made 3 big homemade pizza's for supper. Needless to say after I ate I crashed, when I got up I went to bed. Now I have to sweep downstairs again because the dust has settled again and mom and dad are coming for a visit.
Tomorrow chemo starts again. Again it seems like time is flying, I thought it would be forever before I got to this stage. I take the chemo everyday for 5 days and then take 3 weeks off and then do it all over again. This goes on for 4 months. I'm not nervous or upset. I feel quite confident it will go well. I didn't have too many side effects last time from the chemo, so hopefully I won't this time either. So by the end of August or the first of September I should be ready for my next surgery. I still haven't gotten my disability to kick in and I'll soon be able to go back to work. What a pain. Well, I must get my work done and get dressed and start the day.Hopefully I will have a photo of something scrapped to add later today.

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  1. Hi Sue,
    All great artists suffer from a creative block from time to time. This will pass and greatness will follow!! I look forward to us working with paper tomorrow after your hospital appointment. See you soon Sis.