Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer is almost over

I don't know where the 2 more days it will be 1 year since I was diagnosed. The year has been a blurr but I am still here. Weeks of chemo and radiation, a port-a-cath "installed" that didn't work and had to be removed weeks later, a pick line that got infected and developed a blood clot and then there was the surgery. There were days when I thought I would die but after 2 weeks they sent me home, only to catch the stomach flu from the kids and send me back to hospital for IV fluids. After some weeks of recuperation chemo started again but I couldn't tolerate the drug, (large rash) so after 2 days and 20+ IV attempts in my hands and arms they stopped it so they could figure something else out. I then started on the once every 3 week regime. I was pleasantly surprised when I was finished after 6 treatments. Apparently since I had 2 doses of the first drug, 6 was enough of the second drug. Tears of joy were rare this past year, but I had them that day.
So no more chemo for me.
I am starting to feel more rested because that was 3 weeks ago. The day after that last treatment we went to the states for a few days, it was nice but rushed, not a lot of time to relax. When I got home I crashed for 2 solid days.
This is us in Maine.
It seems like I did nothing this summer, it just went by so fast. Quinten and I took a weekend and went to Yarmouth. This was a very relaxing weekend for us. It was nice to just spend time together.
This is Quinten when we went to see a local lighthouse.
I didn't do much scrapbooking, but summer is never really a time when I do much paper crafting. I did make some cards though.

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