Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hump Day/Ground Hog Day

I don't think any sane minded Ground Hog will venture out today anywhere in this mess! Another 6 weeks it is! I suspect we are in for a lot of snow, no school again today and maybe not tomorrow again.
Not having a great day today, I went back to sleep this morning after listening to the radio to confirm there was no school and when I finally woke up at 9am I felt like crap, I had been having one of those dreams where you try to talk and can't, try to scream and nothing comes out and you try to move and you can't. Needless to say I woke up in a panic. I am just started to feel a little better now.
I need to make a few more cards today and prepare for my SOTM group for this month and next in the next couple of days, before I know I will be on my way to the hospital. I have to spend Tuesday in the hospital for pre-assessment and Thursday.....well....that day will be a complete write off "preparing" myself for surgery.
I had a wonderful surprise the other day, the community, the church community, had a benefit concert at the church with proceeds for me. I was given a very nice amount of money to help with my expenses. It sure did come at the right time, I haven't any income for awhile. Moyal is going to be taking a fair amount of time away from work while I'm in the hospital too, if I know him he'll be in everyday even though I told him he doesn't have to.
So here are the cards I made yesterday:

It's just as easy to make 2 of a card as it is to make one.

This is a picture looking down my driveway right now, you can't really see the snow falling but it is.

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  1. Wow Sue,
    That is awesome what the community did for you. You totally deserve it, you are so awesome. I love the cards.
    Take soon