Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Friday

One week from today I'll already be in surgery. They want me there for 6am and surgery at 7:30am, that means I have to leave at 4am from home as long as the roads are good, if they are bad we'll need to leave earlier. I am trying to cross a lot of things off my list between now and then. I am doing the mini album class here tomorrow, I have 5 people coming, maybe 6, so that will be fun. I am making plans for the crop in March and I have 2 SOTM groups, well technically only one running right now but I have to prepare for the second one to start in March or maybe beginning of April.
I keep trying to imagine what it'll be like after the surgery, I am not obsessing but it's definitely on my mind frequently. I have been keeping fairly busy the past few days and today I am going to head into Bridgewater for some groceries and a few other things that I will need when I am in hospital.
I made some cards yesterday to occupy myself and here they are:
I'm not super happy with these, I had something else in mind but they didn't quite come together the way I planned. I think I have enough Valentine cards for this year now. Here is another card I made with someone in mind for her upcoming birthday:

I used CTMH product for all of these except for the purses, I used a faux suede from SU that I've had for ages. It was one of those things I never wanted to cut on. I'm over that feeling these days, I really want to use what I have as opposed to hoarding.


  1. Nice cards, you've been busy today!!

  2. guys are too funny....those cards are beautiful.....could you please, please give me some of your creativity.....I never ever got any!!!!

  3. We were on the phone together while she was posting this. I was walking her through it. It was funny.